Complete Business Systems can provide service on most output devices including, but not limited to copiers, facsimile, and printers.
We are factory authorized on the equipment we service. This means our technicians are factory trained and up to date on the latest technologies. We have manufacturer support to solve any issues that can not be taken care of in house. We stock consumable items, and a wide range of high mortality parts, this ensures that all models we service are kept running optimally.
Technical Training
Technicians from Complete Business Systems are factory trained and up to date on the latest technologies for our industry.
Our technicians receive the most extensive dealer training from our manufacturers. Each one is required to pass rigorous classes to maintain certification. In house training is provided as well on an ongoing basis.
Service Dispatching
All of our technicians are notified via their smart phones of incoming service calls, so there is no delay in responding to your service requests. Our technicians are assigned coverage based on a geographical area. This means you will have a technician responding to you location that is both familiar with your company and the equipment you use.
Each technician has a company vehicle with a stock of parts so they can complete your service call on the first visit.

Service Plans
At Complete Business Systems we offer a wide range of service support options. We want to work with you to create a plan that works best for your company and your budget. We can service your equipment on a time and material basis, put it under a full maintenance program that covers everything except paper or create a plan somewhere in the middle.
The choice is yours!!!
There are several advantages to having your equipment under a maintenance program with Complete Business Systems. You are guaranteed a four to six hour response time on your down equipment. Labor for all regular maintenance items is included in the program. If at any time we are not able to repair your equipment in a reasonable time period, we will provide you with a loaner until we do get your equipment up and running.